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The Company

Di-Vinum is a marketing, communications and commercial promotion agency.
We are a Concept Agency that takes the form of a network of excellent professionals, characterized by seriousness, reliability, open-mindedness and passion. This flexible and dynamic structure allows for the provision of high quality services with attention also to the economic aspects.

We are a very close team that, over the years, has developed a working method capable of assisting a company in its Marketing, Communication and Organizational demands, from the strategic aspects to the operational steps involving all the typical activities of classic marketing and new media.

Conscious that theory does not work without good practice, we also commit ourselves to operational projects of both a commercial as well as strategic nature.

Our focus is the Wine and Food industry, the marketing of wine, the marketing of food and of Made in Italy. The gastronomic guidance comes from the professional training of the founder and the great passion for food and wine of the whole team .
All this also makes us good partners for companies from various sectors.


  • Why rely on Di-Vinum?

    Because we are reliable, positive and creative. We are a very close-knit team with a consolidated work method. Because we have passion, competence and reliability.
  • The advantages:

    We are competitive and accurate. The projects that we create, and which we take care of are tailor-designed for each customer, as a haute couture dress.
  • Quality of the service:

    We always offer the highest quality possible, in relation to the desires and our customers resources. The effectiveness is the first goal, the next one is excellence.
  • Satisfied Customers

    Our clients and partners think about us as a young, strong and dynamic team that always tackles the job with passion, respecting the timing requirements and deadlines. Follow our blog and you check out some of our work!

Latest from the Blog


Cantina di Gonzaga – Nuova Campagna 2015

Campagna Natalizia 2015 Cliente: Cantina di Gonzaga Storico Produttore di Lambrusco Mantovano e di altri vini frizzanti del territorio. #lambrusco #cantinagonzaga #natale2015

Arrivederci a Prowein 2016

Ci vediamo Prowein 2016 Padiglione Italia Unione Vini Veneti Azienda Agricola Valentina Cubi

Le Donne nutrono il mondo, 4 percorsi unici alla scoperta della campagna mantovana e della pianura padana.

EXPO2015 è un’occasione unica per un gruppo di imprenditrici agricole mantovane che hanno creato LE DONNE NUTRONO IL MONDO. Le Donne Nutrono il mondo è una serie di percorsi studiati e promossi dall’associazione Donne in Campo, formata da agricoltrici mantovane desiderose di far...

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