Ponente Ligure – Land to discover – Vite in Riviera – Part 2

Ponente Ligure has reserved many surprises for us. We knew, thanks to Sommelier education, the enography of the area, without having personally experienced the courage, the scents, the atmosphere and the welcome of the locals. Numerous aromatic herbs grow spontaneously in the... Read More →

Ponente Ligure, a land to discover – Vite in Riviera – Part 1

We are lucky to start collaborating with a great reality, which is based in Ortovero in the province of Savona. It is a network of farms, mainly oil and wine producers. It’s called Vite in Riviera and it gathers 27 companies. Two are cooperatives, one of wine and one of... Read More →

Paolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm, the most awarded Italian Olive Oil company at an international level of 2016 .

2016 has been full of satisfaction and prestigious recognition for Paolo Bonomelli. At every international competition in which they were presented, the extra virgin olive oils Cà Rainene, the exclusive monovarieties Trep e Fort and Trefort, the flagship of the company’s... Read More →

Why should you choose an Italian Wine?

Choosing a wine is always a matter of faith or knowledge. We work for Italian wine producers. Our job is to select wines, to taste them, learn how they are produced and than promote them. Marketing is a strange beast for Italians in general, particularly for... Read More →
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