Communicating, in our business, means spreading effectively the desired information.

By leaps and bounds, communication has gone from an informative approach (and an often with didactic tone) to an emotional approach, for which every message intrigues, solicits the imagination, affectivity and curiosity of the target audience and creates relationship.

The customer journey of a potential customer has become considerably complicated and thickened with touch points, that is, with communication opportunities. The forest of media stresses each is submitted to, has also deepened, so that, if not correctly solicited, our brains become refractory to communication.

Abandoning communication in a diabolical, dynamic and liquid market like the current one means falling into oblivion as company and product. The solution is to put yourself in the shoes of our customers’ Buyers Personas, and speak their language.

The tools and means are numerous, and it is our job to choose the most suitable ones. Marketing and communication of food, marketing and communication of wine and marketing and communication of tourism are fun, they are fascinating and our team works to create projects and implement creative solutions.