“Marketing is the social and managerial process by which a person or group, obtains what constitutes the object of their needs and desires, creating, offering and exchanging products and value with others”.

This 1967 definition of Philip Kotler in Marketing Management is the basis of our approach and training.

Marketing is a great container of activities that over the years has adapted to the times and has forced us to devise and put into practice a working method capable of creating value for our customers, interpreting their needs and developing solutions. The marketing of food and wine has changed a lot in recent years. Numerous customs, economic and image factors are now in the game, and completely upset the way of living, sharing and trying food and wine products. Wine and food marketing has become experience marketing, as much as tourism marketing, with which they intertwine and meet on different fronts. If the needs are clear and manifested in the nature and human condition, the desires have a more specific character, in identifying their satisfaction. The sectors in which we specialize almost always represent the satisfaction of a complex desire rather than a basic need.

As an agency, we are part of this economic science, which means active participation to the market. We engage in both strategic and operational activities from the drafting of the budget to sales.

Strategic marketing, budgeting and planning become the preparatory activities for a correct commercial and sales promotion.

Wine marketing and communication, food marketing and tourism marketing are our specialization as well as our great passion, of which we analyze the dynamics, in which we compare and identify solutions.