Wine marketing, food marketing and tourism marketing are becoming more and more digital. Traditional media also find an outlet on the web, social media and e-commerce are in common use, as were the newspapers and the printed press a few years ago.

Without neglecting the traditional channels, which in some cases are necessary, every day we manage projects and communication throug the web and social media. The aim remains the same: expression of the the values, aspects and strengths of our customers in the world of wine and food, and tourism and with the sole objective of creating emotion, making an experience live and generating value.

In this way, we are able to reach the customer target in every part of the world, with the right size and the desired style, involving him in the production process and integrating him into the chain value of our partner companies.

Social media marketing, digital marketing and web marketing move following the foundations of the great gurus of this discipline, revisited in relation to the current moment and current social dynamics. At our side we have numerous sources of information and precise data that allow us to define the performance of each communication solution, to work on key figures of reference, to find news.