Why wine marketing, food marketing and tourism marketing?

This choice of positioning and strategy derives from an analysis of the economic structure of our country.

Our strengths, as Italians, are our cuisine, the undisputed quality of agri-food products, the wide range of indigenous vines, unique in the world, the competence, history and tradition of hospitality.

We, as Di-Vinum, are dedicated to the visibility, promotion and strategy for companies that offer olive oil, wine, agri-food products and for about 6 years also services in the tourism sector, from restaurants to hotels.

We realized that these sectors are connected and often share the reference Buyer Marketing Personas.

While keeping the bar straight towards the objectives set with our customers, we try to create synergy between the different markets because, if alone you can also go faster, together often you go further.

Our customers are companies oriented to the quality of their products, to hospitality and often have a long tradition, mainly familiar. They are healthy, lively and modernly organized companies that sometimes do not have large capitals to invest and who wish to be present and visible in a dynamic and varied market to which they feel they belong to and to which they have contributed with quality, history and tradition.