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Wine and Food Experience in Italy

Creating an interesting wine tourism expericence is a process that involves several phases, starting from strategic marketing and getting to the more operational aspects of communication. In a very schematic way we can summarize this activity of designing one or more enotourist packages as follows:

Analysis of the strengths, peculiarities and products / services offered by the farm and / or winery.

Selection of the “strong” topics to communicate that distinguish the company and that can be seen as a distinctive ability (competitive advantage).

Collect information on the market (competitors, trends, types of food and wine tourists, market demand, territory).

Profile the most interesting buyer personas (for the food and wine making company).

Build the offers, crossing the strengths with the demand for market and the result of the study on the territory. We want to identify some concrete offer that must be:

– Achievable (Reliable)

– Enjoyable

– Economically sustainable

Prepare the communication material, declined for the various company media (website, social media, point of sale, cellar, institutional communications, press office …) and define times and methods for publication.

Train the staff dedicated to welcoming and collecting reservations and start hosting people, with great enthusiasm and passion, remembering that you are farms that welcome tourists and not tourism companies that produce wine or food.

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Good Wine Experience!