vinoChoosing a wine is always a matter of faith or knowledge. We work for Italian wine producers. Our job is to select wines, to taste them, learn how they are produced and than promote them. Marketing is a strange beast for Italians in general, particularly for “vinegrowers” who are so good in making wine and often not very good in promoting them.

Italians are focused to the essence of things: production, relations and sales.

This year we have tasted something like 500 wines, coming from each part of our country, organic, natural, vegan, conventional, alcoholic, light, fresh. Most of them good, at least decent with an eccellent balance between price and quality, some excellent, a few common and a couple almost undrinkable but definetly targeted to a special group of wine lovers who accept defects as features.

We do not like to generally speak but, generally speaking Italian wines are:

  • result of real grapes produced with great passion
  • original and linked to a specific terroir
  • unique (who would plant Corvina, Sagrantino, Pecorino or Passerina out of Italy? – ok a few producer does it.. very very rare)
  • less expensive/higher quality in comparison with other wines coming from over the Alps
  • often unknown, so we can be the first to introduce them to our friends
  • produced by nice, crazy Italians who are really worth to know.

Why than ignoring such a wide range of original, well made products?

From Alto Adige to Sicily we can really experience great emotions and moments, dreaming our beautifurl country in a simple glass of wine. If you need any suggestion, just contact us! We love sharing our best experiences!


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