We are lucky to start collaborating with a great reality, which is based in Ortovero in the province of Savona. It is a network of farms, mainly oil and wine producers. It’s called Vite in Riviera and it gathers 27 companies. Two are cooperatives, one of wine and one of olive oil. The others are small or medium, dedicated to the production of extra virgin and quality wines. The goal is to do wine marketing and olive oil marketing, to communicate the territory, to promote the rich and authentic local food and agriculture.

Pigato, Granaccia, Rossese di Dolceacqua (the first DOC of Liguria), Vermentino, Ormeasco and Lumassina are the masters, together with Taggiasca olive, flowers and aromatic herbs.

To better understand this area, we were guests for a few days. It would take a couple of weeks and there would still be to talk about. We slept in Agriturismo BioVio, a reality managed by a great householder, Aimone Giobatta, with tireless hands and deep eyes together with his wife Chiara and his three daughters Caterina (winemaker), Carolina and Camilla. An incredible team. We were impressed by the atmosphere of their great kitchen, where we had lunch and also breakfast, between authentic aromas and flavors, cured and original dishes. In harmony. A serene and cheerful environment, as well as busy and hard-working where neighbors, friends, work contacts always find a glass of wine, a coffee, a dish to share. The rooms of the farmhouse are well-kept, the wifi works properly, the breakfast is spectacular.

Caterina took us us to the olive grove and vineyard, BioVio produces both oil and organic wine and also showed us the cellar. She is doing some experiments for the production of sulphite-free wines, she is a cute and tenacious girl. We fell in love with her Pigato.

With Caterina we were welcomed to the Vecchia Canteri Calleri in Albenga from which you can see the sea. In 1982 Umberto Calleri began the renovation of the old family building and made it suitable for hosting a cellar equipped with modern and rational equipment for winemaking. This is the real deal here! Classic method (Champenoise) wines are produced and the pupils for manual remuage can be seen as evidence. The company is set up for tastings preferably on reservations.

Vite in Riviera is based in Ortovero at the Enoteca Regionale. Here you can taste all the wines of the companies on the net, together with many Ligurian wines. A unique experience. “Aperiwine” aperitifs with local wines are organized, themed dinners, also of the highest level. (Reservations 366 872 6643). After a few hours meeting we were lucky enough to spend a top food and wine evening.

The following day was dedicated to Ormeasco, a little-known wine, presented to us by Mr. Guglierame, owner of the homonymous cellar. This farm in Pornassio works with very close selections in the vineyard, arriving at incredibly low yields to preserve the quality of the fruit, to be brought to production. We are talking about 3 tons per hectare. The vineyards are steep, and from the cellar you can enjoy a splendid view. When I hear about heroic winemakers, the faces of Signor Agostino, his brother Raffaele and the sister Elisa will come us to mind.

to be continued …